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Commercial Sewers

TM Plumbing and Drainage delivers quality drain camera inspections for all commercial sewers in Melbourne. We can provide you with a clear view of your sewer pipes in order to identify blockages, drain problems, and pipe issues. 

Drain and Sewer Line Inspection

With the use of top-of-the-line sewer cameras and high-resolution screens, we are able to conduct efficient and quick pipe and sewer line inspections that won’t miss a spot. 

Residential Sewers

Melbourne homeowners don’t have to worry about malfunctioning drainage systems. Our team of plumbing experts can conduct budget-friendly and effective sewer camera inspections that can pinpoint plumbing issues in real time. 

Real Ratings. Real Drain Camera Services.

Drain Camera Inspections Done by Experts

CCTV Camera Inspections: We look when you can't.

Sewer and Drainage Inspections Empowered by Sewer Cameras

Sewer cameras have changed the game of plumbing inspections and repairs, empowering our highly-trained and licensed plumbing experts like never before. Our team of drainage plumbers are adequately equipped with more than a decade of plumbing experience, partnered with the use of high-resolution drain cameras and locators that allow us to navigate your drainage system effectively, identify the issues, and curate effective plumbing solutions that cater to all your plumbing needs. Whether it’s a burst pipe, a sewer drainage problem, a clogged toilet that needs fixing, or a routine plumbing check, TM Plumbing and Drainage got you covered! 

Plumbing Inspections Have Never Been This Clear and Easy. Book a CCTV Drain Inspection Today.

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Why You Need a Drain Camera Inspection

Drainage and sewer systems are often overlooked until you discover that things no longer work like they’re supposed to. This can be frustrating and stressful for Melbourne property owners like you, especially when checking and fixing them on your own is not an option. Getting a worm’s eye view of your drains is critical to getting them back to working optimally, and our CCTV drain inspection can give you exactly that. Tree root intrusion, burst pipes, broken sewer pipes, faulty connections, old and corroded pipes, stubborn drain blockages, and persistent pipe leaks definitely call for a drain camera inspection. Don’t wait until it’s too late and call our expert drainage plumbers at TM Plumbing and Drainage to check your drainage system for you. 

Sewer Camera Inspection Cost in Melbourne

Suppose your home or commercial property in Melbourne is experiencing slow drainage, sewer back-ups, pipe leaks, or unpleasant odours from the drains. In that case, it’s smart to call our licensed plumbers to perform a CCTV pipe inspection. TM Plumbing and Drainage provides affordable, effective, and quick camera drain inspections that will locate your plumbing issues and put a stop to them. You don’t have to be burdened with overpriced sewer camera inspection services; we’ll make your budget work for you. Drain camera inspection prices in Melbourne can vary depending on these factors: 

  • Property size and location
  • The complexity of the drainage system
  • The severity and number of drain blockages 
  • The extent of the inspection

Get quick sewer and pipe line assessments with our pipe inspection cameras.

Take a Peek into Your Sewers with a Ridgid Sewer Camera

You can count on us to complete the toughest drain issues because we’ve got Ridgid sewer cameras and locators, which are specifically designed to pinpoint the location and identify the drainage problem with industry-leading precision. 

Using the Latest in Drain Camera Technology

TM Plumbing and Drainage only uses top-of-the-line sewer camera inspection techniques and technology. Using Ridgid drain inspection cameras, we can conduct drain surveys safely and effectively, no matter how narrow your pipes are. Our professional plumbing team uses easy-to-carry, high-resolution plumbing inspection cameras with LEDs to clearly light up dark spaces and waterproofing technology that allows us to even check pipes that have standing water in them. 

Bringing You One Step Closer to Efficient Drainage Systems

Faucets, showers, toilets, and sinks that have free-flowing, clean water and are draining properly are just a few of the daily comforts that we often leave unnoticed. We only realise their importance and our heavy reliance on them when things start going wrong. Blocked drainage, broken pipes, and malfunctioning drainage systems can put a stop to your daily activities and cause us unwanted stress, especially when you know that you can’t do drain inspections on your own. TM Plumbing and Drainage’s licensed plumbing experts can help you by using pipe inspection cameras to simplify the diagnostic process. CCTV sewer cameras can locate drain issues like root intrusion, cracked pipes, corroded pipelines, and thick sewer blockages, bringing you closer to a clear and perfectly working drainage system! 

CCTV Plumbing Inspection: The Plumbing Game-changer

When your pipelines and drainage systems undergo regular wear and tear over a period of time, pipe damage, sewer line damage, and pipe leaks are inevitable. The worst part is that these issues can go unnoticed because drainage and plumbing systems are located underground and can’t be reached unless you resort to excavation. In these cases, the CCTV drain camera is a game-changer for qualified plumbers like us. This technology allows us to complete all sorts of plumbing work efficiently and effectively by locating and diagnosing plumbing and drainage problems with precision. It’s not just about using the latest technology – it’s about how our licensed and experienced plumbing specialists use it to deliver smart solutions to your plumbing needs. 

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Proud to serve Melbourne area for 11 years!

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Inspecting Sewer Systems One Blocked Pipe at a Time

CCTV drain inspections have definitely made life simpler and more convenient for current and future property owners in Melbourne. A plumbing camera survey refers to the in-depth inspection of your sewers, pipes, and entire commercial and residential drainage systems. Specialised cameras are attached to the probe, which is inserted into the pipes, giving you a live view of your current drainage systems. At TM Plumbing and Drainage, we only use high-resolution sewer cameras so that we can capture video, audio, and images efficiently. This enables us to skip the digging and go straight to resolving any pipe and drainage issues quickly with our wide range of plumbing services. 

In-depth Drainage Survey Using Plumbing Snake With Camera

When you experience poor drainage in your home, it can become a nightmare. Not only do you have to check your pipes for damage, but you also have to shoulder the repairs and pipe replacements that come with them. Pipe and drain inspection isn’t a task for the weak or the inexperienced.  Highly-trained plumbing and drainage inspection experts can help you with all kinds of plumbing and drainage problems. We can access and inspect even the pipes and sewers that you can’t reach. How do we do this? Through a CCTV drain survey. A CCTV drain inspection requires a snake drain camera with a flexible probe with LED lights that can be rotated (with a camera at the end) attached to a base. The camera allows us to pinpoint the location and cause of your drainage problems accurately so that we can immediately resolve them or prevent bigger issues from happening.  

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