AGI Pipe Installation

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AGI Pipe Installation

Protecting your commercial and residential properties in Melbourne requires you to have effective water management and drainage systems in place. Otherwise, your property is at risk of damage, which can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. The installation of AGI pipes or corrugated drainage pipes will keep water away from your properties for years to come. 

AGI Drain Installation

French drains are an effective, low-maintenance, and cost-effective method of diverting water from your property. They can protect the foundation of your home and make your landscapes stay attractive. 

Sub-soil Drainage Plumbing

Subsurface drainage systems are required to keep excess water and moisture from the soil away from your property. This involves AGI pipe and drain installation just below the ground surface to effectively collect and divert water away, keeping your soil healthy and preventing possible damage to the foundation of your property. 

Keeping excess water at bay

Affordable AGI Pipe Installation in Melbourne

Effective Drainage Solutions All Year Round

Advanced Irrigation Solutions through Precise AGI Pipe Installation

Being in the plumbing and drainage industry for over 11 years, we have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to deliver advanced irrigation solutions through our AGI pipe installation and drainage services. We create tailored solutions to protect your commercial and residential properties in Melbourne from waterlogging and excess water. We take pride in our close attention to detail, our precise workmanship, and the use of the latest drainage technologies and techniques to revolutionise your current irrigation systems, maximise your water efficiency, and minimise waste, as much as possible. Partner with our team of AGI pipe experts and take water management to the next level! 

Seamless and effective AGI pipe installation without overspending.

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AGI Pipes: What are they?

AGI pipes stand for Agricultural or Subsurface irrigation pipes. These specially designed pipes are solely used for subsurface irrigation in agricultural lands, yards, or commercial property. AGI pipes are designed and created to distribute water equally, minimise water runoff, and lessen the risk of soil erosion from excess water.   

How do AGI Pipes Work

AGI pipes become a drainage option when you can no longer control the amount of surface and subsurface water on your property. So, how do they work? The AGI pipe is slotted, laid into a trench (at a slope), and refilled with gravel, rocks, or sand. AGI pipes have small perforations along the pipe, which allow water to seep through the pipes from the surrounding soil, carrying them away from your property.  These pipes are crucial in removing excess water to prevent structural damage to your properties just like storm water drains

No job is too big or small for our AGI drain installation experts.

AGI Pipe Replacement Made Easy

Efficient drain systems don’t end with the installation of AGI pipes. While AGI pipes are durable and reliable, they can’t escape regular wear and tear. At TM Plumbing and Drainage, we bring you budget-friendly and top-of-the-line AGI pipe replacements around Melbourne when your current AGI pipes begin to let you down. 

Drainage in Retaining Walls

While retaining walls are great for preventing soil erosion, they can only work properly with installing the proper drainage systems. A perforated pipe like the AGI pipe allows water to drain efficiently, prevents waterlogging, and reduces the pressure exerted on the wall itself. 

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