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Being in the plumbing industry for over 11 years, TM Plumbing has placed its mark on the map by serving Melbourne communities with our high-quality plumbing and drainage services. We are your go-to plumbing service provider for blocked drains, burst and broken sewer pipes, malfunctioning bathroom plumbing systems, gas fitting, hot water plumbing, and general plumbing maintenance works. Our comprehensive plumbing and drainage solutions are crafted by a diverse team of plumbing experts with different specialties who work together to ensure that all the bases are covered. 

Drain Camera Inspection

At TM Plumbing and Drainage, we use high-resolution drain cameras with locators that point out the exact location of the problem and its causes. 

Using the latest in plumbing camera inspections, we are able to record video footage and produce detailed assessments, which include measurements, exact locations, and the extent of the damage so we can provide you with a custom plumbing solution. 

Pipe Relining

Burst pipes cause bigger problems when left unattended. Don’t wait for it to happen. Our plumbing experts specialise in the repair of burst and broken pipes using the latest pipe relining materials and technologies. 

Say goodbye to expensive digging and pipe replacements with our non-invasive pipe relining solution. We’ll fix your pipes without digging! 

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting or high-pressure water jetting is an effective method to remove stubborn blockages from your sewer and drainage systems. 

We use industry-grade water jets to cut invasive roots that have penetrated your drains and sewer pipes, ensuring your drains will be clear, clean, and ready for use. 

Hydro jetting plumbing is not just for removing pipe and drain clogs. We use our hydro jets to flush away any kind of debris and build-up and keep your drains clean and odour-free. 

Driveway Drainage

Continuous rainfall in Melbourne allows surface water to accumulate and flood your driveways. With the installation of a driveway drainage, you don’t have to worry about driveway flooding, anymore. Our drainage specialists can design and install custom driveway drainage to fit your needs and budget. 

Our driveway drainage doesn’t stop after installation. We will restore your driveway’s surface after we install driveway drainage so that you can have a functional driveway in no time! 

Regular checks and maintenance of your driveway drainage will help keep surface and standing water off your driveways. 

AGI Pipe Installation

Our experienced plumbers will assess and evaluate your property, its drainage requirements, soil conditions, and current drainage system before installing the AGGI pipe. 

After assessment, our plumbers will come up with an effective drainage solution that includes AGI pipe installation. 

Stormwater Drainage

Broken gutters can be detrimental for your home. Unwanted leaks can pose a potential risk to your home’s structural integrity and your health. 

Downpipes are vital in having an effective stormwater drainage system. They catch the water from your roofs and direct it away from your home and into stormwater pits and drains. 

Stormwater pits and drains help collect stormwater run off to prevent flooding. Proper stormwater drainage installation can keep you and your property safe from soil erosion and other possible damages caused by flooding. 

Rescuing you from backyard, lawn, outdoor, landscape, and clogged drainage issues that you can't solve on your own.

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Offering a Wide Range of Drainage Solutions for Melbourne Home and Business Owners

We can assure you we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to servicing your sewage and drainage systems. Our qualified and licensed drainage plumbers are equipped with high-pressure water jets, CCTV drain cameras, and years of experience; and are trained using the latest plumbing techniques. We unblock, and repair blocked sinks, bathrooms, showers, sewers, and toilet drains fast and effectively. 

CCTV Drain Inspection in Areas Your Eyes Can't Reach

We know how a simple and small drainage issue can blow up your drainage system faster than you can think. This is why an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your drainage system is important for our experienced plumbers to create plumbing and drainage solutions that target the problem. Using robotic video pipe cameras and locators, we can inspect and locate the root of the problem, including the tiniest cracks and ruptures. With our affordable drain camera inspection rates, you don’t just get the highest quality plumbing service; you also get unbeatable customer care. 

Get peace of mind knowing your clogged drains are taken care of.

Regular Drainage Maintenance Can Make a Difference

Regular drainage maintenance plays a key role in keeping your drainage and sewer systems functioning properly and stopping plumbing issues from happening before they even start. 

Drainage Installers You Can Trust

You don’t have to search far and wide for a drainage plumber that you can rely on. Our highly-trained and qualified drain plumbing experts adhere to the highest trade standards, provide customer service that won’t disappoint, and deliver plumbing and drainage services that exceed expectations. We use pro-grade materials, tools, and equipment so we can give you a positive plumbing experience and quality drainage repairs and replacements that you’ll be happy with. 

Storm Water Drainage Clearing

Home and business owners in Melbourne like you are well aware that stormwater management is part of your responsibility to keep your property properly functioning at all times. From gutters to downpipes and to the installation and repair of stormwater drains and pits,  we’ve got you covered! We can handle all kinds of stormwater drain blockages and repairs without the burden of draining your pockets. 

AGI Pipe Installation

Managing the excess water in your landscaping, construction project, or agricultural property shouldn’t be difficult and costly. An AGI pipe installation by our drainage plumbing experts is an effective method for controlling subsurface drainage. You can prevent soil erosion and water logging and relieve hydrostatic pressure in the surrounding areas by allowing water to flow through the AGI pipe and away from the area. Don’t wait until your yards and outdoor areas become a muddy mess, and call our AGI drain installation experts today! 

Proud to serve Melbourne area for 11 years!

Drainage specialists Melbourne, Melbourne drainage plumbers, blocked drainage, fix a blocked drain - TM Plumbing and Drainage

Install Driveway Drainage to Keep the Water Out

A flooded driveway can be a complete mess and can cause concrete and soil erosion and possible damage to your home. Lucky for you, the solution is simple and straightforward! A trench drainage system or a French drainage system can free you of driveway flooding permanently. A driveway drain can direct the water away from the surface and allow it to flow properly into the proper drainage channels. With a system like this installed by drainage for driveway specialists, you don’t have to worry about constantly having standing water in your driveway. 

High Quality Drain Services Whenever You Need It

Have you tried solving drainage problems and clogged drain issues on your own and got nowhere? It’s about time to seek the help of professional plumbers at TM Plumbing and Drainage. Most likely, there’s a serious blockage caused by grime, grease, and mineral build-up or tree roots interfering with your drainage system. TM Plumbing and Drainage will get to the root of the issue using our hydro jetting plumbing techniques, drain snaking, and other drain clearing techniques to give you effective, affordable, and long-term results. 

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