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Sewer Plumbing

Broken sewer pipes are plumbing problems that shouldn’t be taken lightly. These can lead to expensive property damages, soil contamination, health issues, and the spread of bad smells. Before it gets worse, don’t hesitate to call our experienced sewer plumbers to fix burst and broken pipes for you. 

A blocked sewer drain can manifest itself in so many ways like foul smells, sink holes, water back ups, cracked floors and walls, and more. Only qualified plumbers like us can properly diagnose and resolve blocked sewer drains using our knowledge and years of experience in plumbing. 

Sewer Jetting

Blocked sewer pipes are plumbing problems that are easily overlooked because sewer pipes are out of sight. When signs like bad odours, backed up sewage water, clogged toilets and sinks appear, it means that you have a bigger problem to address: blocked pipes. Sewer jetting is an effective method of blasting away any kind of blockage from grease to dirt to tree roots using high-pressure streams of water. 

At TM Plumbing and Drainage, we deliver precise sewer pipe inspections by using a flexible rod connected to a high-resolution camera. This enables us to transmit real-time video feed of your sewer pipes and drains to detect and determine the cause of the problem, and create affordable and effective sewer plumbing solutions. 

Plumbing Maintenance

Rain is good but getting too much rainfall can be detrimental to your home. Our team of storm water drainage experts are equipped with extensive knowledge, armed with the latest equipment, and use high-quality materials to make sure your storm water drains are installed, repaired, and maintained up to the highest trade standards. 

Pipe relining is a trenchless method of repairing broken pipes and old and corroded sewer pipes, and replacing it with a seamless and solid pipe. It removes the need to excavate sewer lines to replace the broken sewer pipe, saving you lots of time and money. Leave the plumbing maintenance to the experts at TM Plumbing and Drainage! 

Discover the no-dig wonders of sewer pipe relining

Pipe relining at its finest

Sewer Relining Experts in Melbourne

Professional Sewer Maintenance Through Pipe Relining All Over Melbourne

Melbourne residents and business owners heavily rely on functioning sewage and drainage systems to accomplish daily tasks without problems. If you end up with a blocked drain, clogged sewer pipe, or burst pipe, imagine the trouble and money it can cost you. Malfunctioning sewer systems typically pinpoint to common plumbing issues like fractured pipes, old corroded pipes, or tree root invaded pipelines. Pipe relining is a safe and affordable way to preserve and extend the life of your sewer pipes minus all the digging. TM Plumbing and Drainage has over 11 years of plumbing experience serving Melbourne residents who have trouble with their sewer and drainage systems. We adhere to strict trade and Australian standards to ensure your pipelines are properly repaired and maintained. 

Look to us for reliable, affordable, and top-of-the-line pipe reline solutions in Melbourne

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What is Sewer Pipe Relining?

Sewer pipe relining is one of the most effective ways to repair and replace broken and corroded sewer pipes. What makes it different from regular sewer pipe replacement, it doesn’t require digging or trench work to restore the function of your pipes. We can create a new pipe inside the old or damaged pipe by inspecting, measuring, creating a liner, inflating it, and sealing it in place. Our sewer plumbing team will resolve all fractures, cracks, and holes and ensure that your sewer pipelines are free of leaks for a long time

How Pipe Lining Benefits Your Melbourne Home

Let’s face it. Our homes and our lives won’t run smoothly if you’ve got plumbing and sewer problems that need fixing. Sewer pipe relining is only one of our comprehensive sewer plumbing services at TM Plumbing and Drainage. Availing of a no-dig sewer pipe repair from us ensures that your sewage systems stay leak-free and extra-expense-free. Here are some ways sewer pipe relining can benefit your Melbourne home: 

  • It’s faster than typical sewer pipe repairs
  • It costs less because it requires less manpower and labour hours
  • It saves you time 
  • It’s eco-friendly

Comprehensive and cost-effective pipe relining services

What does a Pipe Relining Cost?

A trenchless sewer line repair allows us to repair your broken and old sewer pipes without having to dig up your property. Because pipe relining doesn’t require the same amount of manpower, equipment, and time it takes to do a traditional pipe repair and replacement, the costs are significantly lower. If you’d like to get an accurate cost estimate for sewer pipe relining, call us today. 

Longer Lasting Pipes Through Trenchless Pipe Relining

One of the reasons people choose sewer pipe relining is because of its durability. Pipe relining extends the life of your existing pipes by inserting a new pipe within the damaged one. The lifespan of pipe lining can last from 50 to 60 years, depending on factors like tree root invasion, water pressure, and the type of material used. 

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