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Don’t let blocked drains, broken pipes, clogged toilets, leaky faucets, and malfunctioning driveway drainage leave you in a bind. They could leave you in deep water and keep unwanted bills piling up, stressing you out for days. The comprehensive plumbing services at TM Plumbing and Drainage are a total game-changer for homeowners and businesses struggling with plumbing and drainage issues. From minor plumbing issues like leaking sinks to major sewer plumbing problems like clogged sewers, we get to your place fast, make a prompt and accurate diagnosis, and fix the problem before it gets worse. 

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Exceeding Client Expectations By Delivering Unparalleled Blocked Pipe Repairs

We’re not just repairing your pipes and drains. We’re showcasing our plumbing expertise by exceeding your expectations one pipe at a time. Our plumbing professionals near Notting Hill don’t create a one-size-fits-all plumbing solution for your blocked pipes and clogged drains. We identify the root of the problem and create a tailor-fit, long-lasting, preventive solution. Choose us for an unparalleled and stress-free plumbing experience that goes beyond your expectations. 

Stress-blasting Hydrojetting Services for Drains and Pipes

When you’re faced with clogs that won’t just budge and blocked pipes that are about to explode, your first instinct is to stress about it. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to! At TM Plumbing and Drainage, we’re getting rid of your stress by blasting it away with our precise and powerful hydrojetting services. We’ve developed and mastered our sewer jetting and water jetting techniques to remove even the most stubborn drain and pipe clogs caused by grease, dirt, grime, and roots that have been amassed over the years.

Your health and safety is our priority.

Hassle-free Toilet Drain Repair and Replacement

Are your toilet drains not draining fast enough? Do you experience running water that won’t stop? Or do you have a toilet with water coming back up when you flush? Uh-oh, it sounds like you’ve got a toilet drain and blocked toilet issue on your hands. Don’t stress because our Notting Hill plumbing specialists have got you covered. We provide prompt and efficient toilet repairs, ranging from minor drain blockage removal to a major overhaul, minus the expensive price tag! 

Choose our plumbing company for a hassle-free plumbing experience when it comes to bathroom plumbing, sewer plumbing, drainage plumbing, and more. 

Notting Hill, VIC 3168

Notting Hill, located just 19 kilometres from Melbourne’s Central Business District, is a suburb that thrives on innovation and progress with the Monash University being at the centre of it all. Notting Hill is proud to showcase the peaceful suburban atmosphere while actively preserving its green sanctuaries, such as Jells Park, and pushing academic excellence in places like Monash University’s Clayton Campus. Our Notting Hill plumbing experts are part of the community’s forward-moving initiatives by addressing homes’ and businesses’ plumbing and drainage needs. We’re happy to provide comprehensive plumbing services as we do in Bentleigh East, so you can save money and devote more time to living your best Notting Hill life!

Proud to serve Melbourne area for 11 years!

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