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Blocked Drain Clearing

At TM Plumbing and Drainage, we’ll take care of your blocked toilets when you can’t handle them. We get the job done right the first time! 

Don’t wait until clogged drains become a nightmare! Getting your blocked drains cleared by our team of drain clearing specialists will keep your home running smoothly. Using only the latest drain clearing techniques, we’re proud and happy to deliver you quality drain clearing services in Melbourne. 

Blocked Sewage Clearing

Sewer blockages can happen because of the accumulation of debris, grime, grease, and overgrowth of tree roots. These can further cause sewer overflows not only in your property but to the surrounding ones. If you want a fast, efficient, and cost-effective sewer clearing service in Melbourne, TM Plumbing and Drainage is here for you. 

Tree root ingress or the penetration of tree roots into sewer lines is one of the major causes of blocked sewage systems. With the help of our latest CCTV sewer inspection and water jetting plumbing services, we can cut tree roots before they overtake your entire sewage system. 

Drain Clearing for Commercial and Residential Pipelines

Constant rainfall and storms can be too much too handle, especially if the surface water doesn’t have anywhere to go. Storm water drains allow surface water to flow away from the property to protect its structural integrity. If your storm water drains are not draining properly, it’s time to call our drainage specialists to inspect and clear your storm water drains using the latest drainage techniques and technologies. 

If you’ve got stubborn drain blockages that won’t resolve even after several attempts, our expert drainage plumbers got you covered. Using high-pressure water streams or water jetting can unblock your drains and clear them from all mineral deposits, grime build up, and tree root ingress quickly, efficiently, and safely. 

Clearing drains since 2012

Drainage Cleaning That Won't Drain Your Pockets

Offering a wide array of drainage cleaning services in Melbourne

The Go-to Melbourne Experts in Drainage Cleaning

You won’t go wrong when you choose the go-to drainage cleaning experts in Melbourne. Being in the business since 2010, we take pride in using only the best materials, the most advanced techniques, and the latest equipment to handle stubborn drain and sewer blockages effectively. We believe that taking a comprehensive approach to blocked drains can ensure the optimal performance of your drainage systems all year round. Our company only offers exceptional drainage cleaning services, including sewer drains and stormwater drains, that exceed your expectations. Don’t deal with drainage cleaning alone. Call us today. 

No one should face sewer and drain blockage on their own. Call our drainage cleaners today.

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Unleash the Flow with Regular Drain Cleaning

Think about it. Your drains go through a lot in a day, having grease, grime, food particles, hair, soap, and dirt pass through them multiple times a day. When all of these accumulate, they can cause drain blockages, which slow down water flow and can wreak havoc in your home. Preventive plumbing maintenance through drainage cleaning by our plumbing experts can increase the efficiency of your drainage system, prevent clogs, reduce foul smells, and can save you thousands of dollars! 

Cleaning Drains through Hydro Jetting One Root at a Time

We’re all aware that the continuous build-up of mineral deposits, grease, dirt, and grime causes drain and sewer blockages. Did you know that trees can also destroy drainage systems through their roots? Tree root ingress happens when tree roots manage to penetrate sewer and drain pipes through existing small holes and cracks in the pipes. The roots of the trees can overtake your drainage system, blocking the flow of water and waste and causing pipes to burst and break. At TM Plumbing and Drainage, you don’t have to worry about tree root ingress because we’ll take care of them for you. We’ll cut tree roots through our hydro jetting plumbing service and clear your drains in no time. 

Drainage cleaning services that are quick, easy, and reliable.

Free-flowing Drains From Professional Drainage Cleaners

For 11 years, we have been providing our Melbourne clients with clean and clear drainage and sewer systems through our top-notch plumbing and drainage services. 

Storm Water Drain Cleaning: Just a Call Away

Say goodbye to water and debris buildup after heavy rainfall. Our drainage clearing experts can handle stormwater blockages, big or small. We’re fully equipped to clear your stormwater drains using hydro jetting techniques and updated drainage and plumbing equipment. Give us a call. 

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